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You don't have to walk this path alone! Let me be your Sherpa guide - leading you to a life of recovery and redemption from trauma from childhood abuse and sexual addiction of a spouse!

Mentoring You To Freedom

1-1 Faith Based Mentoring

You need not walk this journey alone! Allow me to come beside you and walk you through this journey of healing which I have traveled.  Everything is confidential!


My Story

           As a child of an alcoholic father, I experienced abuse which left severe traumatic effects such as low self-esteem, shame, depression and anxiety.  After I became a believer at the age of 18, I was sexually abused by 2 different pastors in a short time which produced more shame and unnecessary blame on myself.  In fighting that shame, I found myself isolating myself thinking I was extremely damaged and couldn't fit into society.  I often questioned decisions I made and struggled in any boundary setting.  

           Consequently, I thought that if I found a believing spouse, life would be perfect and I would feel loved and finally fit in. After meeting this wonderful man, it was not long into the marriage that I felt my marriage was struggling and strongly felt that I was the problem because of my traumatic childhood. As a result, I continuously sought counseling  to 'fix' me and it was then that I was diagnosed with severe PTSD.  After about 30 years of a roller-coaster ride and constant self-condemnation, I discovered that my spouse had an ongoing struggle with sexual addiction which was in existance even before we met.  I saw some of the red flags during the marriage but wanted to believe the best of my spouse...isn't this what a wife is supposed to do? I just concluded that I was the cause of the problem since this was constantly drilled into me as a child!  Any reaction I had with my spouse's addiction issue was 'over the edge' because of the trauma I experienced as a child!

            It was through intense therapy with a therapist who specialized in sexual addiction and the trauma it produces that I was able to learn about the struggle the addict goes through and the trauma it causes.  I also learned how my childhood trauma kept me from the healing process of my spouse's addiction and greatly intensified those feelings I was experiencing with my spouse.   Through 5 years of intense therapy, I finally have experienced freedom from the trauma of my childhood and from spouse's addiction!  I feel like huge baggage has been removed which I have carried over 50 years of my life!  This definitely would not be the path I would have chosen for myself but am so grateful for how God has refined me in the process and uses it to minister to other women!  It feels good to finally feel good!

A Sherpa Guide is one who has taken the journey before and is an expert on the journey.  As your Sherpa Guide, I can walk beside you and guide you as you pursue your journey of healing!

Guided Road To Recovery

Affordable Mentoring

No Travel Required

I want to give every woman who has been affected from childhood trauma or from sex addiction the ability to pursue healing.  Feel free to discuss another option if finances are an issue.

I mentor women from all around the world through our secure and private virtual meeting rooms or by phone.  Everything is confidential!

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Contact Me
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